Feeling behind in your dissertation?

Rebounding After Missed Deadlines


In this Workshop, you'll learn:


Update Dissertation Timeline

It's only a failure if you quit. In this workshop, you will learn how to stop feeling stuck and behind so you can know exactly what to do to reorganize your dissertation timeline.


Get More Done

Time management is energy management. We will walk you through the Scholar Planning Routine so you can finish your dissertation while working 10 hours or less a week.


Increase Confidence

The dissertation can be lonely and confusing. We will outline the next steps you can take to rebuild your confidence and momentum in the dissertation process.

You can become doctor before 2022 ends.

Even if you haven’t written a word in months.
Even if you are unclear on your topic.
Even if you can’t get your advisor to respond to your emails.
Even if you feel unmotivated and burnt out.
Even if you’re not sure if you still want to stay in your academic field.

You WILL become DOCTOR!

  • Whether you're stuck in the literature review or somewhere in the findings section, we can help you get back on track.
  • Getting back on track requires re-committing to the process and having a clear plan of action.  
  • No need to buy a new planner or 50-11 notebooks. Just bring a piece of paper, your favorite writing utensil, and a willing spirit.
  • Feeling guilty or ashamed does not help you to make progress. Let us show you what real support and encouragement feels like so you finish your dissertation and become DOCTOR!


Hi, I'm Dr. Lacy!

Why does everything in Academia have to be so confusing? 

I was just hoping that someone would just tell me exactly what I needed to do finish the dissertation so I could finally get on with my life.

I never wanted other people to go through what I went through and so I started helping other doctoral students get through their process with ease.

Five years later, I’ve worked with hundreds of students in helping to demystify the dissertation process so they can finish, graduate, and finally be called doctor!

I want to help you do the same!